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We are here to ensure guidance through every step of acquiring real estate in the UK, UAE and Greece.

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United Kingdom

Welcome to Londonist Investments, your gateway to a world of promising investment prospects in the dynamic UK real estate market. With its stable economy, thriving cities, and diverse property landscape, the UK offers unparalleled opportunities for investors seeking lucrative returns and long-term growth.


Step into the realm of Londonist Investments, where we open the door to a realm of enticing investment potential in the vibrant Greek real estate domain. Greece, boasting centuries of cultural heritage, inspiring scenery, and a rich historical tapestry, presents unmatched avenues for investors. Discover a landscape ripe with opportunities with us.

United Arab Emirates

From its futuristic urban hubs to its iconic architectural marvels, the UAE offers unparalleled potential for investors seeking profitable returns and sustained growth. Embark on a journey into the dynamic marketplace of the United Arab Emirates, all made possible through the expertise of Londonist Investments.


Londonist Investments offers comprehensive investment services across the UK, Greece, and the UAE, tailored to diverse client needs with expert guidance and support. Whether you’re seeking investment opportunities in residential or commercial real estate, our team provides personalized assistance from initial consultation to after-sales support. Our services encompass investment advice, property acquisition assistance, portfolio management, and real estate valuation, ensuring optimal returns on your investments.

In addition to our core services, we specialize in mathematically driven investments, leveraging data analysis to identify projects with high rental yields and appreciation rates. With a focus on client satisfaction, we offer concierge services, legal expertise, and personalized property visits to streamline the investment process and navigate legal complexities seamlessly.

Whether you’re exploring properties in the vibrant streets of London, the scenic landscapes of Greece, or the dynamic market of the UAE, Londonist Investments is your trusted partner for realizing your property aspirations and maximizing investment potential.

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We are here to ensure guidance through every step of acquiring real estate in the UK, UAE and Greece.

As an international company with offices in London, Istanbul and Shanghai, Londonist Investments’ aim is to meet the customers with the right real estate investment. We help international investors explore the market in the UK, Turkey, Cyprus, Dubai and Greece, find the best options that meet their needs, and advise on the purchasing process.